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Expat Life Lessons: 5 Tips From Season 1 of Expat Excellence

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2021 begins and the expat life promises both new challenges and new opportunities. As for the Expat Excellence team, we’re gearing up for the second season of our podcast. While we’re working on kicking things into motion, we thought this would be a perfect time to look back on our first season guests. and recap the lessons we can take away from them for a successful 2021!

Natalie IV‘s Expat Life Lesson: When There’s No Space For You, Create It

Natalie Iv is an expat, an entrepreneur, an ex-art director, and a UX design expert from the Russian Federation, currently based in Rotterdam.

In her episode, Natalie walked us through her story, a great example of achieving success in the expat life. Going from her customer service job in horticulture to being an art director in media in only one year, Natalie had a lot of tips for those of us at the begging of the road.

The main take-away from the conversation with Natalie? Being bold and actually interacting with your dream company makes you stand out – big time! Don’t be afraid, reach out and show them what you can do. You never know when luck might strike you!

Don’t believe this approach works? Check out Juliana’s story!

Anushka Christian’s Expat Life Lesson: Turn Adversity into Opportunity

Anushka is an expat from Sint Maarten and the founder of Glamaty, a hair salon specializing in all hair types!

With Anushka, we talked about the different hurdles one faces as an expat business owner of color, and how these challenges impacted her journey as an intersectional individual.

Her advice? When you see a problem, hustle your way to fix it. Starting your business should come as an answer to your audience’s needs, and provide real value as a solution to their problems.

Just Kist‘s Expat Life Lesson: Put Your Best Foot Forward

Just Kist is Dutch through and through. I mean, just look at him! Which might raise the question – what was he doing on a podcast for and about expats? Well, as a local housing expert specializing in the expat sector he was there to discuss one of the biggest challenges for the expat community: finding good lodging for a decent price.

Just agreed that finding a home, especially your first one, can be very complicated in Dutch cities. His advice for newcomers is to focus on presenting the best version of yourself. Work with an expert and hone your narrative! Tell your story the way you want it to be told, and any landlord will see you as favorable potential tenant. Also, stay out of trouble! You can tell the best story about yourself, but it counts for nothing if it turns out false.

The Dutch housing market presents an uphill battle for us all. Alas, we all need the right knowledge and skills to find the home that’s meant for us. If you’re feeling lost and confused about what to do when first moving here, you can also always our handy checklist.

Ricardo Sousa‘s Expat Life Lesson: You Have Start Somewhere, So It Might As Well Be Here

As a Portuguese student expat, Ricardo felt the hit of the lockdown on his own person. Motivated by this, he devised a way for all of us to stay connected during lonely times. Through his desire to unite people in need of human contact, Stay Rotterdam was born!

In this episode, we talked at length about his dreams and ambitions. He told us about the challenges he faces running an online community and how it went from a student’s dream to a regional success. His advice? Share your aspirations with those around you, then set on the road towards your goal, even if you’re afraid ! You never know when the right person to help you is just around the corner, and the good thing about the Netherlands is that it is full of ambitious, crazy, dedicated expats.

Kassem Ezz Eldin’s Expat Life Lesson: Build Your Foundation

An expat of Arab origin, Kassem is the founder of Skrambler and fresh off his move to the Netherlands.

Kassem’s time with the Expat Excellence crew was spent looking at the fusion of Arab and Western culture and discussing his adaptation to the Dutch lifestyle. Having grown a simple idea into a multinational business venture, he was also kind enough to give us some advice about an entrepreneur’s journey. First, be prepared, informed and ready to learn as much as you can. Second, use that knowledge to look a few steps ahead and navigate your particular circumstances better.

One of the greater challenges of moving here like Kassem is learning the language. Follow along with Kaze’s Journey doing just that!

Wrapping Up

We’re beyond excited for the coming start of Season 2 of Expat Excellence. Until then, you can catch up on on our first season, or check out these other podcasts!

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